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Chapter 79: Not Even a Vinegar Bucket, But Vinegar Spirit

    An hour had passed since Monta finished his porridge, and nothing had happened.

    It stood to reason it was a good thing, but Yang Yang was frowning— because Monta not only did not feel uncomfortable, but also did not absorb any soul power.

    It had to be known that this pot of porridge was filled with much more soul power than those in Yang Yang store, and its boosting ability was also very strong, but Monta didn’t react at all after drinking it.

    It shouldn’t be.

    Yang Yang continued to frown, his expression becoming more serious.

    Monta didn’t know what Yang Yang was thinking, but looking at Yang Yang’s expression, Monta felt that his grave was looming near.

    Monta took a deep breath, with a look of not fearing death on his face, “Just tell me what’s gonna happen to me, I can bear it.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang: “Nothing will happen, it’ll be okay.”

    Monta didn’t believe it: “Then why are you making such an expression?”

    Yang Yang sighed, and said: “I used a certain method to lock a lot of soul power in the porridge, which was supposed to be of a much higher quality than the porridge in the store. But you don’t seem to have absorbed that soul power at all.”

    After hearing this, Monta breathed a sigh of relief, and then became puzzled: “I can feel that this is a soul power dish, but its soul power feels much less than those in the store.——Are you sure it hasn’t spilled?”

    Yang Yang gave him a blank look: “Would I make such a low-level mistake?”

    Monta: “What if?”

    Yang Yang: “……”

    Yang Yang suddenly thought of one thing—after all, the red fruit was not an actual soul essence plant, so would it posses some other characteristics? For example, having soul power easy to lock, but it would start overflowing during the cooking process?

    Thinking of this, Yang Yang stood up and said, “Then I’ll try cooking another pot.”

    Then he went into the kitchen.

    Monta immediately followed upon seeing this, but Yang Yang quickly closed the door and locked it in front of his face.

    Monta: “…”

    There’s no way he won’t have to go out, right?

    Of course Yang Yang did come out, but when he came out again, there was no porridge in his hand, and there was no casserole left behind in the kitchen.

    Monta froze for a moment, then corners of his mouth twitched: “Have you put the casserole in the storage space? What for?”

    Yang Yang glanced at him and said nothing.

    Monta understood what he meant, and retorted: “I won’t steal food again —forget it, what happened?”

    Yang Yang retracted his gaze and sighed: “Un, it failed.”

    This time he made sure that the soul power did not overflow at any step, but the finished product only had extremely weak soul power, not as strong as the porridge in his shop.

    Monta sat down and said in puzzlement: “I think the porridge you sell is pretty good. You shouldn’t be able to fail while cooking porridge. What ingredients did you use?”

    Yang Yang didn’t answer, but tried to look at it from a different angle: “It certainly wasn’t soul power. I’m sure the soul power didn’t overflow, so why wouldn’t it work.”

    Monta paused, and then asked: “You boiled medicinal porridge?”

    Yang Yang: “… huh?”

    Monta rolled his eyes and went on saying: “There are many kinds of soul power dishes. The common ones are like the ones you sell. They are mainly to supplement the soul power of the soul palace, and everyone can eat them. But the food made of high-grade soul essence plants is more like medicinal food with special effects.

    If the ingredients you used are high-grade, it has nothing to do with the content of soul power, it mainly depends on its medicinal properties.”

    Monta thought for a while, and gave an example: “For example, if its effect of certain medicine is to cure baldness, and people that aren’t bald eat it, no matter how high its soul power content is, it won’t be effective.”

    Yang Yang was stunned, and then elated: “Yes! The medicine is effective!”

    He took it for granted. He only knew that Bean Sprout and fluorescent ball both liked to eat the soul power of the Soul Cube, so he thought it was a good supplement, but maybe it had more than this effect?

    Yang Yang thought about it, and pondered again: “What should I do if I needed to test efficiency of this medicine?”

    Monta: “The soul essence plant’s efficacy is related to its plant species. You can find its properties by looking the plant up.”

    Yang Yang: “What if I can’t look for it?”

    Monta raised his eyebrows: “So mysterious? Then you can go to Miss Jun to test it, she should have needed instruments there.”

    Yang Yang: “… Forget it.”

    If Zhang Jun knew that he used the “soul beast’s soul power” to make porridge and ate it, she might become a bit overwhelmed.

    Seeing Yang Yang like this, Monta became more and more curious: “What are you experimenting with? Do you want me to help?”

    Yang Yang glanced at him, thought for a while and nodded: “Okay. But you can’t tell others, not a single person.”

    Monta immediately became interested: “No problem! Tell me, what are you going to do now?”

    Yang Yang: “Follow me to the vegetable market.”

    Monta: “………”


    Temporary patrol base, office.

    Archibald looked at the message from Yang Yang, his face frosty.

    What do you mean by “I’ll go shopping with Monta, you can eat by yourself at noon. Muah.”?

    Instead of eating with him, go shopping with Monta?

    Is this something that can be casually done? Not even in hundred years!

    Archibald felt the scent of green grass* coming from his head, feeling both angry and wronged —they had only been married for a few days, could it be that the feelings were getting burnt out so soon?

*taking root from the saying of “wearing green hat” which means being cheaten on (it’s a whole new story I’m too lazy to relay), basically when green grass grows on your head it’s similar to having a green hat.

    And it’s still with Monta! He still haven’t repaid him for the white stardust flowers.

    The more Archibald thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became, and deeper he dwelled on it, the more aggrieved he became. Finally, he pursed his lips and looked at the wedding ring on his left hand—Yang Yang probably didn’t know that apart from holding a chip with the marriage certificate, the wedding ring also had a positioning function, so that it could be easily found once lost. Both spouses had the authority to locate each other’s wedding ring.

    So, when Yang Yang and Monta came out of the vegetable market, they saw Archibald already waiting there, looking straight at them.

    With a face full of “catching cheaters” expression.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta: “…”

    Monta immediately distanced himself from Yang Yang, and raised the two big cages in his hand: “I just came to serve as a coolie.”

    Archibald glanced at Monta, coldly withdrew his gaze, and then looked at Yang Yang.

    Although they were outside right now, with many tourists passing by, but now Yang Yang was not afraid of the exposure of his relationship with Archibald, so he did not avoid Archibald’s sight, but greeted him with a smile.

    “How did you find us?”

    Archibald didn’t hide anything, and said with a bit of guilty conscience: “The ring has localisation function.”

    Yang Yang really didn’t know this, he glanced at Archibald’s left hand, but he didn’t mind being located.

    On the contrary, Yang Yang could almost imagine the image of Archibald rushing over in such a hurry for obvious reasons.

    Yang Yang couldn’t help but smile and he asked intentionally: “Being in such a hurry to find me, could it be that you’re afraid I would go astray?”

    Archibald pursed his lips, his expressionless face turned into an unhappy face, and then seriously confessed his feelings : “I’m jealous. I don’t like you being with other people.——especially Monta.

    Monta, standing not far away: “………..”

    Some people, on the surface, were cold-faced Dukes, but in private they were actually human-shaped vinegar barrels. Still the kind that would overflow automatically and explode from time to time, hurting innocent people.

    Yang Yang laughed, raised his hand, gestured to a cage in his hand, and said, “I asked him to accompany me to buy things. I didn’t call you as I know you don’t like crowded spaces.”

    Upon hearing this, Archibald’s jealousy immediately dissipated— it turns out that Yang Yang was caring about him.

    Archibald glanced at the cage in Yang Yang’s hand, which contained several hyraxes. Hyrax was an animal with round body and long white fur. Many people liked to keep them as pets.

    The cage in Monta’s hand held poultry and pets, with many kinds of them.

    Archibald bent down to take the cage in Yang Yang’s hand, carried it by himself, and then asked: “Why do you buy these? Do you want to raise them?”

    Yang Yang: “Oh, they looked cute, can buy and eat it.”

    Archibald: “…???”

    Yang Yang looked at the time and said, “Then let’s find a place to eat first. Let Monta first take it back to the store.”

    Without Monta?

    Archibald was taken aback and then immediately cheered up: “Okay.”

    Monta next to him refused: “Not good. In any case, I’ve been shopping with you for so long, and I was even carrying everything for you, but you don’t even want to take me with you when you eat. If you do this, the boat of our friendship will easily capsize.”

    Archibald turned his head and glanced at Monta indifferently: “So you want to be the third party?”

    Monta: “…what the hell?”

    Archibald raised his left hand, showed Monta his ring, then put down his hand and said, “We will go to eat, what do you want to do?”

    Monta: “… “

    He was wrong, this was not a vinegar barrel, but a vinegar spirit.

    Archibald smiled in satisfaction when he saw that Monta had shut up “sensibly”. Then he put the cage on the ground, and comforted Monta: “Didn’t Uncle Hua bring you twenty blind date informations? I heard that there are both men and women and there may be ones that are suitable for you.——In this way, there will be someone to accompany you to eat in the future.”

    Monta: “…”

    No need, thank you.

    Monta’s mouth twitched and he said: “Okay, you go alone. I feel like even if I went to eat with you, I would have an indigestion.”

    Archibald raised his eyebrows, ignored him, and left side by side with Yang Yang.

    Monta rolled his eyes at their backs, then carried the three cages to the parking lot.

    What the three of them didn’t know was that half an hour later, this “Shura Field*” was brought up again by Youtu netizens.

*referring to situation with a few males competing over a crush/love affair with sparks flying and vinegar dripping

    #The Secret Love Triangle of a Rich Family#

    Three days ago, Yang Yang and Archibald announced that they were “married”, which caused some fans to lose their status, and also made many fans rationally stop breaking such outrageous CP topics.

    But today, there were many passers-by eating melons.

    Because this involves a previous topic of #quadrangle#. With such a story line, it was naturally delicious to eat.

    But this time, the Duchess left the stage, and few people brushed Archibald. The main firepower was concentrated on Monta and Yangyang—because their identities were not as bluffing as Archibald, and they were closer to netizens. Their affair naturally became a source of happiness for netizens.

    【Dear Monta’s two bitter loves ended without a hitch, it’s too miserable!】

   【The Duke showed our Monta the wedding ring, what does it mean? Would it be the meaning of “you give up” I think? ? Who will wake me up! 】

    【Upstairs, I can’t wake up, I think so too. See, the Duke is still smirking confidently.】

    【The duke took the cage from Butler Yang, and I, I stood for a second by the Ram CP, just for a second. qwq】

    【Upstairs, are you the one who snatched the Duke’s wedding candy red envelope of 20,000 star coins! !】

    【However, it was dear Monta who accompanied Butler Yang to go shopping, and the Duke came later. 】

    【But Butler Yang walked towards the Duke without hesitation, look at that smile!】


    【Do you still remember that both the Duke and the Butler Yang are married?】

    【Upstairs whispering, the enclosure is so cute—— damn it! Who promoted the topic! It’s hot!】


    【Do you think the Duke will see it?】

    【Upstairs, shut up. 】

    However, Archibald still saw it—he quietly registered a small account, focused on the topics with Yang Yang, and set a special reminder.

    Archibald: “…”

    Is “Ram” not good? Why bring up Monta?

    Archibald was silent for two seconds, then opened the terminal.

    Ten seconds later, Duke of Donton posted a blog.

    @Donton·archibald: The first anniversary of Butler Yang and his wife, I wish them happiness. [Photo] [Photo]

    The first one is a single photo taken from Yang Yang’s account, and the second one is a photo of Yang Yang’s “wife”.

    Looking at the two photos side by side, Archibald felt elated—what’s wrong with being in women’s clothing, in any case, it wasn’t with Monta!


Author has something to say:

Byrd: Yang Yang has praised me for being cute, is he implying something?

Yang Yang: ………


Bamboo has something to say:

I’ve been reading another one of this author’s novel! It was really good! No translation yet, but try it out, it’s super cute and also first marriage love later (plus there are cubs~!! and guides and sentinels oh~)


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  1. Finally caught up again yay! Thanks for the chapters and that other story sounds interesting! I wonder if someone will translate it someday (unedited mtl makes my dumb brain melt).


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