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Chapter 163: The Fairy Tale World

    So full.

    Ge Xiu leaned against the rock, narrowing his eyes contentedly.

    The bonfire beside him was blazing, dazzling fire scattering light in the surrounding night.

    The island was windy and the surrounding trees were rustling in the wind, their branches were swaying, casting shadows under the light from the fire.

    Ge Xiu pulled out the sword stuck aside.

    He took it from the dragon’s cave. The sword body was like graceful flowing silver and the hilt was made of gold. It was inlaid with rubies the size of pigeon eggs, shining gorgeous and decorated to the point of being vulgar, so shiny that it could almost blind one’s eyes.

    But it worked pretty well.

    Just a little too heavy.

    Ge Xiu looked at the sword once, then picked up a pointed stone from the ground beside him, and began to hit on the hilt.

    After a few heavy blows, the diamond gems inlaid on it were smashed down and fell to the ground with a clang.

    Ge Xiu weighed the sword again.

    ——Now it was more handy.

    Those brilliant gems fell into the dirt and were trampled under his feet.

    A rustling sound came from a tree nearby.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly and turned his head to look in the direction of the sound.

    The night was dark, and only the cloudy sky and the gray-black bushes could be seen, rest being blurred into vague shadows in the empty night.

    The clouds above his head were shifting and there was a faint moist breath in the wind.

    It’s going to rain.

    Ge Xiu looked away.

    He took the sword, turned and walked towards the cave.

    The princess’s slender figure gradually disappeared into the darkness. Behind her, above the gradually extinguishing bonfire, a deep shadow cast over the place.

    Immediately afterwards, that shadow opened its mouth and secretly swallowed the rest of the wild boar into its mouth.

    After the giant dragon swallowed the roast food whole, it was silent for a few seconds:


    It was so unpalatable.

    Lukewarm cooked meat with a burnt smell from the grill, with such a poor cooking technique that the skin was burnt, but the parts close to the bone were still raw and not seasoned in any way——it was a disaster!

    After all, he had lived for tens of thousands of years, reaping the infamy of an evil deity that everyone in the whole continent feared. He had plundered countless treasures. Many countries would regularly send sacrifices and treasures to him out of fear, his appetite and tastes getting bigger and more refined.

    The giant dragon rushed to the stream and took two sips of water before finally diluting the bad taste in his mouth.

    At this moment, he had already forgotten his previous doubts about the wild boar, and there was only one thought left in his mind:

    ——How could a princess eat this kind of thing?


    That night, as Ge Xiu expected, there was a gust of wind and rain.

    The crackling raindrops hit the rock wall of the cave and the howling wind shook the trees and jungle outside the cave, making whistling noises.

    It was very cold in the cave, and the mountains made of gold, silver and jewels had no protective ability against the cold winds and rain at all. The ground was cold and hard, full of moisture, the only thing it brought is that he wouldn’t be completely drenched by the rain.

    But Ge Xiu didn’t mind much.

    He’d been through worse circumstances than this.

    the next day.

    When Ge Xiu woke up, the wind and rain had stopped.

    Outside the cave, the blue sky seemed to washed clean by water, and there was a fresh and damp earthy smell in the jungle after the heavy rain.

    He looked around the cold treasures in the cave.

    Except for the golden mountains that were still so dazzling it hurt eyes, there was no breath of living things— nothing including the giant dragon that had snatched him to this small island yesterday had appeared.

    Ge Xiu frowned.

    He twisted the water out of his skirt and then walked out of the cave.

    Ge Xiu’s eyes fell on the ground outside the cave and he was surprised slightly.

    On a huge leaf, there was a pile of dewy fruits. On the side, there were all kinds of exquisite dishes in golden containers, exuding a mouth-watering aroma. Next to the food, there was a stack of soft and clean clothes.

    Ge Xiu touched the edge of the plate.

    Still hot.

    It should have just been put here.

    He didn’t move the food, choosing to walk to the stack of clothes first.

    Ge Xiu picked up one and unfurled it: “…”

    A dress.

    And it’s still very similar to the one he wore previously, soft and fluffy, with a gorgeous appearance and no practical value, the only difference there were many, many more golden jewels on this dress than on the last one and it was decorated so lavishly, it almost sparkled in the sun.

    …that’s a taste of a dragon indeed.

    The giant dragon hid in the distance, happily watching the princess he snatched back secretly, flip through his presents.

    Whether it was food or clothes, he had snatched them from nearby countries, all of them were of the highest standard, most worthy of the status of a princess.

    —she will love it very much!

    The dragon watched the princess’ figure.

    Although she was dressed in rags and tatters, it did not affect her beauty at all. She was slender, and her hair, like a golden waterfall, flowed down her shoulders. After the braids were loosened, the locks almost reached her calves, like sunlight condensed in the mortal world, shining with a breath-taking light.

    All this made the dragon feel dazzled.

    He had lived for tens of thousands of years and had seen all kinds of gold coins and treasures, some of which had been carefully crafted by skilled human craftsmen, and some of which had been naturally produced in the depths of the mountains, but he had seen nothing alike to the beautiful hair of the princess. Just a glance of something so pure and brilliant was astonishing like gazing into a miracle, no other gold in the entire world could compare to it.

    And her fair and soft skin, slender arms, seeming to be glowing in the sun…

    Wait! skin? arm?

    The dragon suddenly recovered from his intoxication, his eyes widened in disbelief—

    the princess was actually taking off her clothes!

    There was a “boom” in his ears, and the hot feeling from before came back again. The flaming fire in his chest instantly heated up his scales, and the giant dragon raised its wings violently and hid its head under the wings.

    Ge Xiu stopped his movements, narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked thoughtfully at the rock not far away.

    It was peaceful with no sight of another soul, only the barren rocks where glaring white under the sunlight, and the dense forest leaves were swaying gently with the sea breeze, making a rustling sound.

    He looked away.

    At this moment, the dragon was doing psychological construction for himself.

    In any case, the princess was already in his collection…it wouldn’t matter if he took a look, right?

    He secretly raised a corner of his wing, and looked out with his half-closed golden-red vertical pupils.

    ——The princess tore off all the jewels and diamonds from her skirt, then picked up the sword and swept it twice.

    The originally gorgeous skirt was transformed into a shawl with all the decorations removed, and the petticoat underneath was transformed into a pair of simple, crooked trousers.

    Dragon: “…”

    Why! Wasn’t it shiny enough! ! !

    He was very lost.

    In the next few days, Ge Xiu kept receiving all kinds of “gifts”.

    He left the cave to go out, and when he came back, he would find a huge soft and gorgeous bed, covered with satin curtains, and the sheets and pillows inside were embroidered with shiny golden silk thread.

    …eye dazzling.

    The food sent was also becoming more and more luxurious and precious, as well as all kinds of jewels and treasures.

    — and many more dresses.

    However, the dragon never appeared again.

    Even if he tried to talk to the dragon, the other party never showed up or made a sound.

    Ge Xiu suspected that he had frightened it at first.

    He was very patient at first, waiting for the other party to show up.

    However, as time passed, his patience drained.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly, hiding the calculating look in his eyes.


    The dragon once again flew back from outside the island full of confidence.

    This time, he had a huge wardrobe in his paws, and inside it was another gorgeous dress.

    He forced the mountain elves to weave this garment with the most expensive gold thread, and asked his old friend to cast a powerful protective spell on it, so that the thin cloth could withstand everything from a sword to an axe.

    This time the princess would definitely like it!


    However, even if she didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be torn into ugly strips as easily as before.

    Why would such a beautiful princess want to wear those ugly rags on her body?

    The dragon felt a little heartbroken.

    He was determined to save the princess’ aesthetics.

    The dragon circled around the island for a while, but didn’t see the princess, so he flew back to his cave and peeked in through the rock wall.

    … not there either.

    The dragon was a little puzzled.

    However, before he could solve the mystery, his eyes suddenly caught something unexpected.

    On the cold ground of the cave, locks of golden hair were lying there casually.

    Giant dragon: “!!!???”

    Suddenly, like a thunderbolt, the dragon’s mind went blank.

    He dropped the wardrobe and stumbled into the cave.


    The giant dragon stretched out its claws tremblingly, and carefully gathered together the golden hair scattered on the ground, as if it was about to suffocate from heartache.

    Why! ! !

    The hair that was like woven from sunlight was cut off just like that! !

    At this moment, he felt his tail being held by something soft.

    Ge Xiu pulled the black dragon’s tail and sneered:

    “——finally willing to come out?”


    In the fog outside the island.

    Several ships broke through the waves and slowly drifted forward. The board was full of armed soldiers holding weapons.

    Not far away, a rough island appeared at the edge of the mist.

    —The first batch of warriors was about to arrive.



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