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Chapter 102: Modern Entertainment Industry

    The familiar siren resounded throughout the Institute once again.

    The director who had been watching on the side hurried over. He frowned and asked: “What happened?

    Researcher with a pale face responded:

    “He…. messed the entire plot again….”

    “What?” The director was shocked: “Wasn’t the electric shock function launched at every key moment this time? Why is the plot still falling apart?”

    He glanced at the data in front of him: “How many times has he been electrocuted in total?”

    “Once… “

     “Once???” The director’s voice rose uncontrollably: “He didn’t comply just once?? How is this possible?”

    The researcher wiped his face in dismay: “This…. I, I don’t know exactly how, the biggest problem is that the time flow rate of the virtual world is many times faster than one of the outside world. Unless there appears serious turmoil in the virtual world or the set plot ends, we aren’t able to observe what is happening in the world.”

    “Then adjust the flow rate!”

    The director’s face was covered with dark clouds and he said coldly:

    “I still don’t believe, even once or twice, how can he deviate from the destined trajectory we set again and again!”

    Each time they design several different life paths for the prisoner involved, to ensure that no matter what he chooses, he would be painfully stimulated within the control of the research institute, but this prisoner seemed to be deliberately contradicting them…

    It’s like a there was a multiple choice question with only four options ABCD, and his final answer was actually X!

    Moreover, until now, in happened in all five virtual worlds, without exception!

    “Yes.” The researchers hurriedly started the operation.

    Soon, the time flow of the virtual world was adjusted to 75% of the real world, and now, people at the institute could finally see what was happening in the virtual world.

    On the huge screen in front of them, a clear picture appeared.

    The slender young man stood at the table, looking down at the lost middle-aged man in front of him. His facial features were breath-taking and beautiful but his black eyes were calm, as he said, bringing an overwhelming sense of oppression:

    “You are just an executive president, and your power was given to you by the board of directors.”

    As if possessed by something, he showed a playful smile on his lips:

    “If they don’t want you to stay on, is there anything you can do?”

     The middle-aged man gritted his teeth with hatred, his eyes seemed as if they could spew fire, his voice rose uncontrollably in decibels, but no amount of shouting could hide his guilty conscience: “You, don’t bluff! I know what you did! Just you wait! I, I, I, I won’t let you go!”

    Ge Xiu smiled lightly:

    “Won’t let me go? Can you be specific?”

    He pulled a chair and gracefully sat down, as if he was in the spotlight of the hall of brilliance.

    The young man crossed his legs and asked with interest: “Is it because you’re relying on your friend from Dongcheng District? You have helped him a lot. I recall that the villa in the west and the one in the northern suburbs seems to be under your name, but the money for the purchase was taken from his account. According to the list of drinks delivered to it, there had been at least seven parties this month, which happened to coincidentally overlap with vacancies in schedules of 17 stars from an entertainment company, and twelve of them were minors…”

    He raised his eyebrows: “You really are a loyal and good friend.”

    Wang Xuejiu’s face was ashen. Every time the other said a word, his expression turned worse, his pale lips trembled, making him unable to pronounce a syllable for a long time.

    The whole room was dead silent.

    All of them stared in shock at the scene in front of them that was completely beyond their imagination.

    As they were friends who were familiar with Wang Xuejiu, even if they haven’t participated in the dirty things he has done, they still knew a lot about it. They were not shocked by Wang Xuejiu’s evil deeds. What they couldn’t figure out was how did Lu Nan know about these things!

    Ge Xiu raised the corners of his lips in a half-smile that was not quite a smile:

    “What, do you want me to continue?”

    The director and the researchers watched the progress of the plot on the screen in astonishment. No one could imagine that an actor who was clearly a down-and-out actor bullied by public opinion, oppressed by his company, actually had the main line of being coveted by a gold master play out like this in such a short period of time… What the hell was this?

    Why does this miserable role that should have brought him pain, seemed to have been played by him and collapsed instead? ? ?

    Where was this going?

    The director reacted quickly, his face darkened instantly, and he said: “Cut into the virtual world and issue a mission.”

    The researcher on the side couldn’t help being startled: “What, what?”

    Another researcher said hurriedly: “But Director, forcibly interfering during the operation of the world may lead to instability of Pandora’s main body…”

    The director interrupted him:

    “If we do not forcibly intervene, the trajectory of destiny this time will also directly deviate at this node. A hundred virtual worlds won’t get the results we want! Besides, now that Pandora’s activity value is getting lower and lower, we have to take the risk.”

    The researchers also looked solemn, and they replied:


    Inside the world.

    The familiar electronically synthesised voice suddenly sounded in Ge Xiu’s ears:

    “Convict No. 7098, please accept the fourth task of this world: stop the acquisition of Xingchen Entertainment company, and give up the collection of Wang Xuejiu’s criminal evidence.”

    His eyes narrowed sharply.

    This task…was not quite right.

    Several previous missions were concentrating on “promoting” some action, but this time it was “preventing” it.

    According to his previous speculation, the group of people outside should not be able to interfere with the progress of the world, so they can only shorten his lifespan through organ failure, in order to end the world that they were not satisfied with early — but this time was different, this time the task was too specific, as if they knew what was going on in this world, as if… they were watching from the outside.

    Ge Xiu’s face remained calm.

    He answered bluntly in his mind: “I refuse.”

    In the next second, a strong sudden electric current swept through his torso, the intense pain instantly spread from head to toe, making him feel as if he could hear the sound of crackling electric current in his ears.

    Accompanied by an emotionless voice echoing in his ears:

    “Level 1 electric shock warning.”

    Ge Xiu was already prepared.

    His brows trembled slightly unnoticeably, but there was not the slightest trace on his face.

    Since passing through those previous terrible worlds, his pain threshold has been raised to a very high level, and now the pain of this electric shock couldn’t threaten him for the time being.

    But it didn’t last long.

    The second Ge Xiu pressed the screen of his phone, the second electric shock came violently.

    ——”Level 2 electric shock warning.”

    The pain this time was almost doubled in comparison to the previous one. The sudden increase in the amount of current brought a heart-piercing pain and a burning scorching sensation. The world before his eyes turned black, and his movements involuntarily paused slightly. When he recovered from the electric shock, he could even taste the bloody smell caused by the canine teeth piercing the surface of his tongue.

    Ge Xiu took a deep breath and quickly operated and clicked on the screen with his fingers that had already started to feel slightly numb.

    The accusations of Wang Xuejiu’s group and evidence of crimes were carefully selected and detailed, and sent directly to the police station, major media and Internet bloggers who were able to control public opinion.

    After exposing this filthy black trading chain without hesitation, Ge Xiu smiled at the dumbfounded crowd:

    “Goodbye, gentlemen.”

    Then, Ge Xiu stood up and hurried towards the door.

    “Level 3 electric shock warning.”

    His steps stopped suddenly, and his figure swayed slightly. If he hadn’t reached out to hold onto the door frame, he would have directly fallen to the ground.

    Ge Xiu let out a breath, stabilized his trembling knees, opened the door without hesitation, and walked out.


    Their prevention has failed.

    The director gritted his teeth and said gloomily: “Set the electric shock to level five!”

    The researchers who were busy working on the side were frightened by this number: “But! Director! The maximum electric shock index that the human mental body can withstand is level three. If we set it to level five…”

    The director shouted violently:

    “Do as I say!”

    He has endured this disobedient criminal’s behaviour for a long time, and this time, he must let this ignorant prisoner know, how stupid it was to fight against them.

    He stared at the young man on the screen who was walking quickly to the bathroom, and a twisted smile appeared on his lips.

    Aren’t you able to bear it?

    Then let me see how far you can endure before you can’t help begging for mercy.

    —”Level 5 electric shock warning.”

    The violent electric current cut through his nerves like a sharp blade, as if a blade was rotating inside his internal organs wrapped by the ribs — this kind of pain directly affected the mental body, and could destroy almost any human consciousness in an instant, directly causing the body to fall into an instinctual coma, but Ge Xiu was different, his mental body was directly exposed to the electric shock, forced to experience every second of it awake.

    Ge Xiu’s face suddenly paled.

    He gritted his teeth and forced back a trembling painful groan from the depths of his throat.

    Ge Xiu stumbled to hold on to the washstand, his fingers turning white from the excessive force.

    His breathing was disordered, and fine beads of sweat oozed out from his forehead and the tip of his nose. The cold sweat dripped down the arc of his cheekbones and chin, dripping onto the carpet, leaving dark wet marks.

    Everything in front of him seemed to be turned upside down, countless distorted and deformed colour patterns filled the field of vision, like a broken mirror, and a grotesque world was reflected in each cracked lens.

    Ge Xiu shivered under the raging strong current, his teeth clenched tightly, and the sharp rusty taste spread in his mouth. He felt as if his consciousness was drifting away from him, but his awareness was extremely awake and trapped in a cage of his body, screaming and trembling under this terrifying torture.

    But he remained silent.

    It took him a while to realize that he had fallen in the hallway.

    The world tilted in an instant, gravity pulled him closer to the ground, and everything seemed to be falling apart.

    Until someone caught him.

    A faint, familiar voice sounded from afar: “…”

    Ge Xiu couldn’t hear what the other was saying, he just raised his head with difficulty and looked at the man who embraced him — however, he couldn’t see anything, his vision was blurred and darkened.

    Zuo Yan looked down at the trembling young man in his arms with a complicated expression.


Zuo Yan: Went out to work, picked up a violent man. Do you want to pick him up and take him home?

[YES] / [YES]

Bamboo has something to say:

Thank you Kitty for KO-FI!!


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 102: Modern Entertainment Industry

  1. Nothing makes me happier than seeing those damned scientists struggle to keep their plans and plots afloat when we all know Ge Xiu is really in command here. Try to control him all you want but my man will not yield to anyone besides our ml. He runs the show and you’re lucky to even have front row seats to it (I’d kill for those seats). Thanks for another chapter!

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  2. That director is a fool, he cares more about punishing MC than reaching their objective. His type gets fired fast when higher ups see you threatening their shady projects.

    Liked by 2 people

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