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Chapter 36: Kidnapping The Tail

    When the four people with He Shu came upstairs, all they saw was a half-eaten breakfast, a stunned black panther squatting under the table, and a pile of broken bricks by the wall.

    “Byrd? Yang Yang?”

    He Shu called twice, but no one responded, there was the sound of water flushing from the bathroom, but no one came out.

    Gu Lita stretched out her leg and kicked Roth’s tail, asking: “What happened?”

    Roth was also very confused. It has been on Starnet, and Yang Yang also indulged it, so these days, if not called to do anything, it would usually leave the body on stand by. It also detected changes in Yang Yang’s body data only now, and came back quickly.

    And when it came back, it only saw the picture of Archibald getting through the wall and going straight to the bathroom.

    So Roth thought for two seconds and said: “Maybe, the Duke had an urgency?”

    Gu Lita: “…”

    The other three: “…”

    They couldn’t quite equate this picture with Archibald.

    But judging from the rushing sound of water in the rooms on both sides, it seemed that what Roth was describing was the truth.

    The four “…”

    It’s even more mysterious.

    In the end, it was mother You who calmed down first. She saw the breakfast on the table, and said in surprise: “Hey, isn’t this the porridge that the little madam cooked in the morning?”

    Thinking about the current situation, mother You was very puzzled: “It shouldn’t be, in the morning I watched the little madam cook the porridge himself, and I gave him the ingredients, but I didn’t see him put anything strange in it.”

    Gu Lita had already laughed: “Just ask him.”

    Gu Lita glanced at it, walked to the bathroom on Archibald’s side, and knocked on the door, “Yang Yang?”

    As far as she knew, only Archibald could “pass through the wall”.

    Sure enough, Yang Yang’s voice came from inside, feeble and weak: “En.”

    Gu Lita laughed out loud: “What’s the matter, why are you there?”

    Yang Yang was helpless. “Can you give me some medicine to stop diarrhea first?”

    Gu Lita: “Hahaha!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    A quarter of an hour later, the treatment room.

    Yang Yang and Archibald were sitting on opposite ends of the sofa, with needles in their arms, and they had each saline drip hanging overhead. The heads of the two of them turned to one side, and they felt numb under the gaze of the four parents.

    Gu Lita laughed so hard that she couldn’t stand up. She sat on the chair, propped up the back of the chair and looked at Yang Yang: “You are really talented!”

    Yang Yang rolled his eyes despairingly: “…I didn’t do anything.”

    Mother You testified: “Yeah, I watched the little madam make porridge, and he really didn’t do anything.”

    Gu Lita was a doctor. Although she specializes in mania of soul power, she has a wide range of interests and she dabbles in all aspects.

    For example, farming.

    Gu Lita looked at mother You and asked, “Mother You, did you give him a soul essence* plant?”

*can be also translated as spirit plant, but because there is soul power not spirit power I left soul

    Mother You nodded: “Yes, most of our fruits and vegetables are soul plants, but although the quality is not the best, it’s not bad either, it won’t cause problems while eating.”

    Gu Lita: “Eating is not a problem, but the processing it like this can cause problems.”

    Yang Yang blinked and looked over—the was meaning, it was really his fault ? ?

    Gu Lita met Yang Yang’s gaze and asked him: “Do you know what a soul essence plant is?”

    Yang Yang nodded.

    In short, it was a plant containing soul power, and the soul power of such plants could be concentrated to extract “soul essence” —one of the main raw materials for the synthesis of advanced mania inhibitors, so these plants were also collectively referred to as “soul essence plants”.

    The soul power of soul essence plants was different from that of humans. To put it figuratively, human soul power was”physical strength”, and the soul power of soul essence plants was the “nutrition” that supplemented physical strength.

    Gu Lita laughed and said: “Then you must also know that the soul power of soul essence plants has integrity. Once the integrity of their plants is passively destroyed, their soul power will be quickly lost, thus making it become an ordinary plant.”

    For example, a tomato, its fruit and plant’s soul power is actively separated, so the action of “picking” will not cause the loss of soul power; but the action of “cutting” the tomato will passively destroy the tomato skin, causing the loss of soul power.

    This was also one of the reasons why Yang Yang came to this world and saw that many dishes were very “unrestrained”, and it was the reason why dishes were often served with the tail as a whole.

    Yang Yang nodded: “I know, so I separated their soul power in the body ahead of time, and there was no loss of soul power when I cut them.”

    Gu Lita applauded: “Wow, then you are awesome~”

    Yang Yang”… “

    Gu Lita: “Then, do you know what “too high concentration*” means?

*虚不受补 – too high concentration in something to be healthy

    You and Byrd, one has just been discharged from the hospital, and the other had just finished the soup power riot. In the recipes I arranged for you, 80% of them are ordinary food, as it’s better for your health, but you trap all the soul essence not spilling a drop, can you eat so much soul essence casually?”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Gu Lita: “Also, the soul power of the soul essence plant is very pure. Usually when mother You cooks, a lot of soul power will be lost no matter how fast the cooking, and there is no problem of ingredients clashing with anything. But once the concentration of soul power is high, the soul essence plants cannot be casually matched with each other.

    You locked the soul power in such a high concentration and then added some pickled food, shredded meat, and so on, the soul power from them cannot be absorbed by the soul palace, so your body can only try to clear the stomach first.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang felt that he was about to die. “I didn’t know that either.”

    Gu Lita held back a smile: “I don’t blame you, after all, it’s not my diarrhea.”

    Yang Yang “…”

    Gu Lita stood up and said: “All right, after this drip is finished, go back to your room to rest. Don’t touch the soul essence food in the next few days, just drink some white porridge.—Let’s go to dinner, eat the remaining half casserole porridge. It’s also a good thing, we can’t waste it.”

    After a few words, the door of the treatment room was closed, leaving only the two people hanging with two drips dead silent.

    Yang Yang glanced at Archibald, who turned his head to one side, he put on a long-sleeved home uniform to cover the scars, but his complexion still looked much weaker.

    Yang Yang felt a little sorry and a little wronged. He sighed and said: “You heard it too, it wasn’t my fault.”

    Archibald didn’t speak, nor did he move, like an unchanging sculpture.

    Yang Yang glanced at the pole where the IV bag hung, pulled it over, and moved it a little towards Archibald.

    But Archibald seemed to have eyes on the back of his head. He didn’t turn his head, but his tail suddenly moved—it rolled up a pillow and placed it on the sofa between Archibald and Yang Yang, 38th Parallel*, the borders of Chu and the Han, all clearly distinguished.

*a military border on the Korean Peninsula, near 38 degrees north.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Are you a primary school student?

    Yang Yang glanced at the pillow, then put his hand against this side, pushed towards Archibald, and said: “At most, I did something bad with good intentions, didn’t I suffer myself?”

    Archibald Noticing Yang Yang’s movements, the scales of his tail tensed, and he fought a “bullfight” with Yang Yang across the pillow.

    Yang Yang couldn’t push it for a long time, and glanced at the back of Archibald’s head.

    OK, you forced me.

    Yang Yang narrowed his eyes, grabbed the pillow and threw it aside, then grabbed Archibald’s tail.

    Archibald almost jumped up, his tail was taut, but he finally couldn’t win with Yang Yang without a tail.

    Archibald turned his head sharply and stared at Yang Yang: “Let go!”

    Yang Yang: “Won’t let go!”

    Not only did he not let go, but he hugged it with both hands and feet, like holding a long pillow, and threw out four long awaited words at Archibald: “One corpse two lives!*”

*because Yang Yang is pregnant and he intends to fight to death so his death is the end of two, dad and son

    Archibald: “…….”

    Yang Yang saw that Archibald was going to get angry* again and decisively changed the subject, he said with a helpless expression on his face: “You heard what Aunt Gu said, you can’t blame me for this, how long will you be angry?”

*炸毛 – lit fried hair, a slang for someone getting angry easily or for getting emotional.

    Archibald moved his lips, then stopped talking.

    Yes, he knew it wasn’t Yang Yang’s fault, but what that his fault? After suffering an unpredictable disaster, was he supposed to not be angry?

    Archibald got angry again when he thought of this, and turned his head away.

    Yang Yang held Archibald’s tail, seeing Archibald like this, he thought about what to say, and found a breakthrough.

    Yang Yang began to sell misery: “What I said before is true, about Youtu, I didn’t expect you to post a blog, which led to the direct exposure of my Weibo, which also implicated you. And when last night I said that you were ‘running naked’——”

    Archibald turned his head sharply, with the words “try again” written in his eyes.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Isn’t he telling the truth?

    Yang Yang blinked, went on with the heart softening action, and continued to sell misery and pity: “In short, I realize that my mistakes have caused you trouble, so I felt very guilty. I planned to make you a loving breakfast.

    I am in the morning. I got up at 6 o’clock to check the recipe before cooking. You know that I still can’t control my soul power very well. I can lock the soul power of those soul essence food. I also spent a lot of effort for that.

    I originally wanted to give it to you a surprise, who knew it would turn out like this.”

    Archibald still didn’t speak, but his eyes were not as fierce as before.

    Yang Yang smiled and touched Archibald’s tail scales twice, and said with a smile: “Duke, let’s shake hands and make peace?”

    Archibald suddenly frowned: “Don’t touch it!”

    Yang Yang was stunned for a moment, and then asked with surprise: “Do your scales also have feeling?”

    Archibald didn’t explain, but emphasized: “Don’t touch it!”

    Yang Yang raised his eyebrows and put his hand on Archibald’s tail scales, and acting like a bully said: “Then do you agree to shake hands and make peace? If you don’t agree, I will touch you harder!”

    Archibald: “…”

    Why is this person so shameless! ! !

    Archibald wanted to retract his tail, but Yang Yang’s koala-like hug was not easy to pull away from. And… Archibald glanced at Yang Yang’s belly.

    Since the last time the child was frozen by his soul power to the point that his soul was separated from his body, he has been careful with the child.

    Archibald took a deep breath: “Okay.”

    Yang Yang: “You look reluctant.”

    Archibald gritted his teeth and glanced at the tail that was “kidnapped” by Yang Yang—what do you think?

    Yang Yang sighed innocently: “We don’t have any deep hatred, do we?”

    Not really.

    Archibald turned his head, groaning inwardly—although it wasn’t enough, he wasn’t out of anger yet.

    Seeing that Archibald didn’t answer, Yang Yang stretched out his foot again, touched Archibald’s shoeless beast’s foot lightly, and pestered: “Duke, shake hands and make peace.”

    Archibald didn’t hide this time nor did he look back, just said firmly: “Let me be angry for three hours first.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang pursed the corners of his mouth: “Three hours is too long, why don’t we just wait for this IV drip to be is over. I won’t talk to you during this period, okay?”

    Archibald still didn’t look back, and after a while, he said: “Let go of the tail first.”

    This was a compromise.

    But Yang Yang didn’t do it, and put his face on the tip of his tail: “No, what if I let go and you don’t shake hands with me to make peace?”

    Archibald: “…Don’t, use, face, to, rub!”

    Yang Yang was curious: “So the scales really have feeling?”

    Archibald turned around this time and reminded: “Don’t talk to me!”

    Yang Yang smiled, replied “Okay”, and then leaned on the sofa with Archibald’s tail pretending to be mute, like a hamster who has hoarded a lot of food and was thinking about what to eat.


Author has something to say:

Yang Yang: The tail is in my hand, I have the world!

Byrd: ……..(just angry.jpg)


Bamboo has something to say:

I especially love in this novel how funny all Yang Yang’s fails are and the fact Donton family is such a good group of people, there’s no infighting and no vicious stepmothers, only an awesome family! Sorry for being late qaq


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6 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Kidnapping The Tail

  1. Theyre such a ridiculous and cute couple HAHAHAHA yang yang using byrd’s tail as hostage to make peace also have me cackling HAHAHAHAHA thank u sm for the translation~

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Thank you for the chapter!
    I know it was a typo, but couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read that Byrd “had just finished the SOUP power riot”… If we think of the porridge full of soul power as some kind of soup, it really caused a riot in his and Yang Yang’s bodies!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Thank you for the chapter!

    I am still not a fan of Yang Yang.. I think the author needed to have talked about his emotional/psychological trauma more in previous chapters for me to accept it now as an excuse for his behaviour. All they mentioned prior was about not having food. Besides, behaving like this now when he didn’t at Zhou Hua’s house proves what Archibald said was right. That he is just using them to get away from Zhou Hua and doing as he pleases without consideration for who he hurts in the process. This family has been so nice from the get-go but he treats them so bad…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Furthermore obviously he couldn’t act as he pleased at the Zhou’s house because someone wanted to poison him and he couldn’t trust that they wouldn’t end up hurting him or the child- the fact he is so unhinged right now only means he trusts Donton family’s moral integrity °v°

        Liked by 1 person

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