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Chapter 79: ABO

    Igor was standing a few steps away from Ge Xiu.    

    His eyes drooped down slightly, he pursed his lips, and said slowly:

    “I heard that you were injured.”

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows in surprise: “You are quite well informed.”

    After all, it’s been only less than an hour, the Dean and the others had only just left.

    Igor’s eyes flashed slightly, and he coughed a little unnaturally:

    “…I just happened to be around here.”

    This was not true.

    Igor was conducting mecha combat drills at the other end of the academy when his friend told him in a half-joking, half-surprised tone, and the moment he heard the news, his mind suddenly became confused, he found a reason to leave the training ground, and then rushed to the infirmary as fast as possible—but upon reaching the door, he stopped his steps abruptly.

    In what capacity was he going to visit?

    A friend?

    However, even before Iris’s accident, they were extremely far from being friends. In fact, in the face of Iris’ pursuit, Igor’s attitude has always been indifference and dissatisfaction. Even if the Drost family and the Lester family were on good terms, they definitely weren’t close with each other.

    A fiancé?

    That was even more unbelievable.

    Leaving aside the fact that this engagement was annulled as early as when Iris was rescued, and even in the years before it was annulled, Igor was the only one who strongly opposed the marriage—and, it seemed like Iris had a new marriage agreement set up shortly after contacting the Lester family about breaking it off. No matter how he questioned, General Lester kept silent about the unknown alpha.

    In a recent conversation, General Lester’s attitude was even more straightforward:

    “Why are you asking this? Didn’t you want to get rid of this engagement for a long time?”

    Igor was at a loss for words.


    Didn’t he want to get rid of this engagement for a long time? And why was he still entangled over this after the marriage contract has been cancelled?

    Igor couldn’t sort out his thoughts for a moment.

    The scene he saw when visiting Iris in the ward that day kept circling in his mind—the pale-faced boy swept back his slightly longer black hair from covering his eyes to his head, and his eyes were like a pitch-black sea, calm and dark, as deep as if they could suck people inside, the corners of his lips twitched as he asked in a hoarse voice:

    “Are there candy in it?”

    —Except for being thinner, his facial features were the same as before.

    And when the broken, blurred and intermittent video records appeared even after restoration, the blood-stained, cold, calm face, the fact he even without anaesthesia, removed his glands by his own hands without any emotional changes at all.

    So striking… he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

    Igor looked at the boy standing in front of him with complicated feelings.

    Compared with the last time we met, he seemed to have changed even more —those eyes that were filled with infatuation and love whenever they looked at him became distant and unfamiliar at the moment, with a kind of indifference and politeness that drew an invisible line between the two, drawing clear distinctions that cannot be crossed.

    Ge Xiu frowned, breaking the silence that lasted too long:

    “Excuse me…do you have anything else to do?”

    Igor hesitated for a few seconds, finally took a deep breath, and said slowly:

    “I… …I just wanted to look for you, I’m sorry—about your previous accident, I actually am responsible for it.”

    Ge Xiu was stunned for a moment, then tilted his head in doubt: “What’s there to apologize for?”

    He couldn’t agree. It was very clear that Iris concealed his identity and joined the army because he was blinded by love, and it was definitely not Igor’s fault, so he didn’t have to feel any guilt about it.

    Ge Xiu kindly explained:

    “You don’t have to be under psychological pressure, and you don’t hold any responsibility for my injury.”

    In this matter, the only responsible ones were the ill-intentioned high-level juries outside this world.

    An omega in heat in the middle of the battlefield, with the pheromone having a stimulating effect on the Zergs—someone who designed such a scenario must have had some kind of psychological problem.

    Even thinking about it now, Ge Xiu had the urge to swear.

    To Igor’s ears, such polite and distant words were more like deliberately putting distance.

    His heart tensed, he took a step forward subconsciously, and his tone became hurried, as if he wanted to refute the other party’s idea anxiously: “A damaged gland is a very serious injury to an omega, and the reason for such tragic consequences, is me…”

    Ge Xiu’s expression was slightly cold, he frowned a little irritably, and then interrupted the other party unceremoniously:

   “So what? Are you here to make amends to me?”

    Igor choked.

    Ge Xiu really didn’t want to entangle with him anymore, so he simply cut down to the point as if with a knife and said simply and bluntly: “If you really can’t get over the guilt in your heart, you can give me a few more gift boxes from last time. I liked the candy from it. The rest is unnecessary.”

    Igor fell silent.

    Ge Xiu bypassed him and continued to walk forward.

    Before he took a few steps, he only heard the voice of the young alpha coming from behind, low and deep, and it was hard to discern emotions from it:

    “It’s not in line with your character to accept a marriage that was forced on your head by your family so easily.”

    Ge Xiu: ? ? ?

    …where does this come from?

    He frowned impatiently, turned around and was about to say something, when he heard a languid low male voice from not far away:

    “Oh? Then what do you think is in line with his character?”

    Ge Xiu was stunned, then turned his head to look in the direction the voice came from.

    Haines walked slowly and leisurely from the side, his dark blue eyes were half-narrowed, the corners of his eyes leaned down, and he stared at the two with a smile that didn’t quite resemble a smile.

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    —Fiance and ex-fiancé gathered together.

    This scene was really this subtle how it looked.

    Haines stopped beside Ge Xiu, and his slender hands were carelessly placed on the shoulders of the youth, and the boy was naturally surrounded by him protectively.

    Igor was stunned for a moment, then nodded to Haines:
    “Mentor Erost.”

    Haines chuckled and half lowered his eyelashes: “What are you talking about just now, let me hear it too?”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    He wanted to leave.

    But before he could take any action, Igor replied: “Sorry, we were just talking about some private matters…”

      Haines raised his eyebrows: “Private matters?”

      He glanced down at the boy who was half-encircled in his arms then replied with a smile: “I don’t think it’s a private matter.”

    Igor was startled and his eyes widened subconsciously.

    Before he had time to ask anything, he could only listen to Haines continue unhurriedly:

    “After all, the marriage you mentioned was ‘forced on his head’ —I am the other involved.”

    Igor gasped in shock and almost failed to stabilize the well-behaved and polite look on his face. He stared at the man in front of him in disbelief, and could hardly believe his ears.

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    What the hell was that.

    The development of things was too fast and things have progressed to the point far beyond his imagination.

    However, this matter would be exposed sooner or later anyway.

    Ge Xiu looked expressionless but he sighed in his heart.

    Let them think whatever they want*.

    And Igor was still in shock and couldn’t recover.

    That was… why his father didn’t want to tell him?

    Haines narrowed his eyes and slowly took two steps towards Igor.

    As the distance shortened, Igor felt a growing overwhelming sense of oppression pouring out towards him. The terrifying spiritual force was wrapped in alpha’s powerful and domineering pheromones, with a strong sense of aggression and warning. This kind of absolute strength and coercion pressed down on him from the top of the head little by little.

    Beads of sweat began to ooze out from his forehead, and even his arms began to tremble slightly.

    The curvature of the man’s lips straightened, and the slight smile quickly faded from the bottom of his eyes. His dark eyes were as deep as abyss, shimmering with a metallic cold blue, as he asked softly:

    “Do you have any other questions?”

    Igor gritted his teeth, but under tremendous pressure, he couldn’t help but lower his head little by little.

    His voice was harsh and hoarse:

    “No. Sir.”

    “Very good.” Haines raised the corners of his lips, and the terrifying mental pressure suddenly withdrew and turned into nothingness in an instant.

    Igor took a deep breath, and looked up at Haines with a vague sense of horror flashing in his eyes.

    What was this terrifying control…

    Haines himself didn’t want to go too far in Ge Xiu’s presence. After all, this was the first time they meet, and it wouldn’t be good to scare the other party.

    He curved his lips, and once again returned to his lazy appearance.

    Haines walked back to Ge Xiu and said,:”Then if you don’t mind, we’ll go first.”

    —Of course Igor couldn’t have any objections.

    Haines turned to leave, grabbing Ge Xiu’s shoulders.

    The youth was slim and slender, while the man was tall and straight, looking extremely harmonious from behind, as if no one could stand between them.

    He stood there fixed in place, watching the backs of the two gradually recede, his eyes dark and complicated.

    Behind the pillar on the side, Percy stared at the scene in front of him, his face slightly twisted, and he almost broke a tooth from gritting teeth.


    After realizing that they left Igor’s line of sight, Ge Xiu stopped.

    With his shoulders slightly sideways, he twisted his body, flexibly freed himself from the opponent’s palm, and then pulled away to a safe distance that was comfortable for him.

    Haines raised his eyebrows and looked over.

    Ge Xiu showed a pure smile, and then said: “Satisfied?”

    “Of course not.” Haines’ lips curled up slightly, as he said jokingly unhurriedly: “After all, this was someone coveting my fiancee.”

    The tone of his speech was half-joking, but the deep look in his eyes clearly showed that what he said was not a pretense at all.

    “It’s a coincidence, neither am I.” Ge Xiu also showed a smile:

    “I don’t like to be competed for like a territory.”

    The curvature of the corners of his lips deepened, his tone was light, and it also seemed to be half joking:

    “If such situation appears once again, I can’t guarantee what I will do.”

    The youth’s face was delicate and beautiful, and his clear voice had a slightly waxy nasal tone, no matter what he said, it sounded as if he was acting like a spoiled child.

    But his pupils were dark and sober, with a chilling sharpness, the almost primitive and savage danger was imprisoned in the icy pupils, which made people subconsciously feel fear and panic.

    —That’s the look.

    Haines’ eyes deepened, as he started intently at the young Omega in front of him.

    Even though his body was covered in bruises and the situation was critical, when he faced a violent Zerg that was many times stronger than him, this was how he looked——cold, silent, like a scalpel with no emotions, only fully rational analysis, and the blazing fire in his eyes.

    Such eyes instantly penetrated the screen like a sharp blade and plunged straight into his heart.

    At that moment, Haines felt his heart skip a beat.

    Therefore, he chose to help the boy without hesitation.

    ——Facts have proved that this was probably the most correct choice he had ever made.

    But… the same look appeared in the image that had been restored he saw just now, but he didn’t feel excited or happy at all—

    On the contrary, he felt as if something heavy pressed on his chest and his heat was , and his heart was hit violently.

    As the blood spread on the screen, Haines felt that his chest was being slashed as well, blood gurgled out from the invisible wound, and his bright red pulsating heart was forcibly torn out and placed in burning sun.

    Haines hooked his lips:

    “Very good, I will remember.”

    His voice was deep and mellow, as elegant as a cello, and in the depths of the tone, there seemed to be a subtle meaning hidden, which make him sound almost indulging.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes.

    Finally, he decided to stop observing and scrutinizing, but asked bluntly:

    “What is your purpose?”

    As if reminded by his words, Haines suddenly realized: “Ah! Yes, it’s all because I was interrupted by an irrelevant person just now. I almost forgot my purpose.”

    Ge Xiu was stunned: “?”

    The man looked down at him, his deep and well-defined facial features became more and more amazingly handsome in the sunlight. Beneath the sharp sword-like eyebrows, a pair of dark blue eyes with a faint smile stared at him fixedly:

    “Go on a date.”


Ge Xiu (threateningly): I can’t tell what I will do next time it happens…

Haines: Jokes on you, I’m into that.

Haines: Does it involve biti–

Ge Xiu: STOP!


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